Winners’ List

Poets & Patrons Chicagoland Contest



      1.   Religious                                 (Judge:  Rebecca Kanan, Joplin, MO)

            1st  Catherine Moran, “The Proof of Holiness,” Little Rock, AR

            2nd  Judith Krum, “Maundy Thursday: The Silent Scent of Hyacinths,” DeLand,


            3rd  Becky Alexander, “The Leaving of Souls,” Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

            1st HM  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Healer in a Mexican Mountain Town,”

                                                                        Evanston, IL

            2nd HM  Donna Pucciani, “Digit, Avila,” Wheaton, IL

            3rd HM  Sally Clark, “The Widow’s Mite,” Fredericksburg, TX


  1. Humor                                     (Judge:  Bruce Holland Rogers, Eugene, OR)

            1st  Caroline Zarlengo Sposto, “Adieu,” Memphis, TN

            2nd  Dalene Stull, “I Also Collect Antique Butter Molds,” Danville, OH

            3rd  Marilyn Camden Norton, “Step-Grand What?” Hot Springs Village, AR

            1st HM  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Perfect Dwelling,” Evanston, IL

            2nd HM  Larry Turner, “Love on the Rocks,” Fredericksburg, VA

            3rd HM  Carolyn J. Hellman, “How the World Began,” Darien, IL


  1. Formal Verse                           (Judge:  Marilyn L. Taylor, Milwaukee, WI)

1st  Kathleen McClung, “Night School Final,” San Francisco, CA

2nd  Dalene Stull, “Autumn Fuel,” Danville, OH

3rd  Lee Pelham Cotton, “Not a Good Fit for Us,”  Locust Hill, VA

1st HM  Beth Staas, “The Peter Principle,” Westmont, IL

2nd HM  Catherine Moran, “Making Love in a Pick-up,” Little Rock, AR

3rd HM  Tom Roby, “I Never Looked At It That Way,” Chicago, IL


      4.   Free Verse                               (Judge: Kathleen Mullen, Valparaiso, IN)

            1st  Kate Hutchinson, “O’Hare, 1975,” Palatine, IL

2nd  Catherine Moran, “My Youngest Son Goes to War,” Little Rock, AR

3rd  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Selling the Ranch,” Evanston, IL

            1st HM  Deborah Nodler Rosen, “Solder,” Glencoe, IL

            2nd HM  Becky Alexander, “Summer Dress,” Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

            3rd HM  Kathy Larson, “Like Clockwork,” Salt Lake City, UT


5.         Social Conscience                    (Judge: Joyce Shiver, Crystal River, FL)

            1st  Ellaraine Lockie, “The Last War,” Sunnyvale, CA

            2nd  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Water Rights and Wrongs,” Evanston, IL

            3rd  Larry Turner, “The Romantic and the Realist,” Fredericksburg, VA

            1st HM  Catherine Moran, “The Most Valuable,” Little Rock, AR

            2nd HM  Marilyn Gehant, “Fair Treatment,” Chicago, IL

            3rd HM  Paul Buchheit, “Homeless,” Chicago, IL


6.         Miniature Poem                      (Judge: Alan Harris, Tucson, AZ)

            1st  Larry Turner,” While I Wasn’t Paying Attention,” Fredericksburg, VA

            2nd  Deborah Nodler Rosen,” Doorknobs,” Glencoe, IL

            3rd  Kathy Larson, “Line Dancing,” Salt Lake City, UT

            1st HM  Robert Lawrence, “Promise,” Chicago, IL

            2nd HM  Sally Clark, “Go Away and Come Back,” Fredericksburg, TX

            3rd HM  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Exorcism,” Evanston, IL


7.         Chicago Parks                         (Judge: Larry Turner, Fredericksburg, VA)

            1st  Wilda Morris, “At Pritzker Park,” Bolingbrook, IL

            2nd  Cynthia Gallaher, “Shabbona Park District Swimming Pool,” Chicago, IL

            3rd  David Nekimken, “An Afternoon at the Lagoon,” Chicago, IL

            1st HM  Carol Kanter, “Lincoln Park Conservatory,” Evanston, IL

            2nd HM  Susan T. Moss, “A Perfect Match,” Evanston, IL

            3rd HM  Caroline Johnson, “The Lake,” Willow Springs, IL


8.         Chicago Art                             (Judge:  Mark Petrick, Fairfield, IA)

            1st  Donna Pucciani, “American Gothic,” Wheaton, IL

            2nd  Wilda Morris, “Letter to George Seurat,” Bolingbrook, IL

            3rd  David Nekinken, “No Curtain Call,” Chicago, IL           

1st HM  Cynthia Gallaher, “After Roger Brown’s ‘The Leaning Tower of  Touhy,

            1980.’” Chicago, IL

2nd HM  Susan T. Moss, “Beyond Giorgio de Chirico’s The Eventuality of

            Destiny,” Chicago, IL

3rd HM  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “Wings of Fire, Wings of Blood,” Evanston, IL


9.         Famous Chicago Figures         (Judge: Jared Smith, Lafayette, CO)

            1st  Maureen Tolman Flannery, “The House That Jack Built,” Evanston, IL

            2nd  Caroline Johnson, “A Disgraced Illinois Governor on Vacation,” Willow

                        Springs, IL

            3rd  Wilda Morris, “Jens Jensen Speaks,” Bolingbrook, IL

            1st HM  Mardelle Fortier, “Studs Terkel,” Lisle, IL

            2nd HM  Susan T. Moss, “The Inimitable Marshall Field,” Evanston, IL

            3rd HM  Mark Hudson, “Carl Sandburg,” Evanston, IL


10.       Astronomy/Astrology                        (Judge: Bruce Holland Rogers, Eugene, OR)

            1st  Wilda Morris, “He Promised Me the Sky,” Bolingbrook, IL

            2nd  David Nekimken, “Moon Rising,” Chicago, IL

            3rd  Carol Kanter, “On Telling Time, Since 1734,” Evanston, IL

            1st HM  Kate Hutchinson, “Suspended Endeavor,” Palatine, IL

            2nd HM  William Vollrath, “Living Fires,” Downers Grove, IL

            3rd HM  Mardelle Fortier, “The Ruthless Unspoken,” Lisle, IL