Max Bender on  Unsplash

Max Bender on Unsplash

Books by Our Members

We are pleased to provide a partial listing of book publications by our Members. We have also indicated which books are still available and where you can obtain a copy. We hope to continually expand and promote this list as Members provide information about new publications.


Mardelle Fortier

White Fire: for Olympic Skaters, Finishing Line Press.

Mark Hudson

Road Trip, self-published. Contact the author to purchase

Grub Street, self-published. Contact the author to purchase

Caroline Johnson

The Caregiver (Holy Cow! Press, 2018), a full-length collection by P&P president Caroline Johnson inspired by years of family caregiving. Available on Amazon or Holy Cow! Press website

Where the Street Ends, Jupiter Publishing. Willow Springs, IL, 60480. 2010. To request a copy of the book, contact the author.

My Mother’s Artwork. Jupiter Publishing.  Willow Springs, IL, 60480. 2011. To request a copy of the book, contact the author.

Wilda Morris

Szechwan Shrimp & Fortune Cookies: Poems from a Chinese Restaurant (Rockford, IL: Rockford Writers Guild, 2008). To purchase the book, please email.

Pequod Poems: Gamming with Moby-Dick (Kelsay Books, 2019) (Available from the publisher and on

Donna Pucciani

To Sip Darjeeling at Dawn, Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2011. (Available from the publisher, or through Abe Books,, Barnes &, and Amazon).

Chasing the Saints, Virtual Artists’ Collective, 2008. (available through Powells, AbeBooks, your local independent bookseller, or Barnes & Noble

Jumping Off the Train, Orchard House Press, Washington State 2007 (Available from Amazon and

The Other Side of Thunder, Flarestack Publishing, 2006 (8 Abbot's Way, Pilton, Somerset, England BA4 4BN)

Beth Staas

Beside the Golden Door is the story of one family, five of whom immigrate from
Germany to America, alternating with the three members remaining behind. It goes from the late 1920s to the end of World War II,
describing the experiences of those buffeted by powers and politics barely understood. (Qualified Press, 2012), available at 

Curt Vevang

The Prince and The Elf, a rhyming, humorous children's book with a message to Think For Yourself. @Amazon

The Prince, and The Elf Too, also a rhyming, humorous children's book stressing the importance of treating others as you would like to be treated. @Amazon

a scant bagatelle, a collection of 51 poems providing a wry look at reality as well as a deeper message. @Amazon

the nature of things, humorous, philosophical poetry and essays including many depicting growing up in Chicago. @Amazon