The Drawer I hadn’t Cleaned in 30 Years

His keys to my old place before we moved in together.

A JFK 50 cent piece.

Temporary tattoos. I thought we’d used them all.

Fangs, adult size.

The silver case he gave me for my now obsolete purse calculator.

False eyelashes, (which my ophthalmologist now forbids).

Earplugs we used when we went to hear the kid’s garage band play.

Hypnosis tapes for losing weight.

A perfume bottle with the scent he chose for me.

An LED headlight for power outages.

Money, in the clip I gave him.

His glasses.


Virginia Braxton

Touching Eternity

I know an enchanted place
where bouquets of words
grow wild and profuse.
I can choose as many as I like
in any color or fragrance
even some that do not really exist.
The collecting is effortless
as if done for me;
All I have to do is think myself there
a self-hypnosis
that takes me nowhere
and everywhere…
It might be the same place
where Keats heard “unheard melodies”
or El Greco had a vision of Toledo…
Reflection causes my feet to tremble
at the garden’s gate
I feel as blind and awestruck
as Paul on the way to Damascus