Anguished Souls, Eternal

A Zig-Zag “agonia” highway.
Memorabilia strewn along the way.

Menorahs, skull caps, faded photos and the like,
paving this Royal Roadway To Remembrance.

And at the end—a cold pit, built in reverse,
soaring up into the black sky.

There---hundreds of thousands of scarlet,
agonized faces,
weeping blood tears.

Countless multitudes draping its inner walls;
their images, indelibly being seared into our souls.

Lamenting, once and for all,
our memorial dirge:

How helpless each one was,
when the “Grim Reaper of Hate”
threshed down entire wheat fields.

Paul J. Kachoris
November 17, 2018

A memorial poem dedicated to The Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany