Winners’ List 2014

No. 1   RELIGIOUS POEM   Judge: The Reverend Geoffrey Rimositis           

1st   Becky Alexander, “Surprise!” Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
2nd   Camille Balla, “At the River,” Lisle, IL
3rd   Mardelle Fortier, “So Far North, So Light,” Lisle, IL

1st HM   Caroline Johnson, “Playing with Fire,” Willow Springs, IL
2nd HM   John F. Foster, “Sharing,” Sun City Center, FL
3rd HM   Charlotte Hart, “Blue Star,” Evanston, IL

No. 2   HUMOROUS POEM   Judge: Joyce Shiver

1st    John F. Foster, “Ode to Grampa,” Sun City Center, FL
2nd   Barbara Blanks, “Avoiding a Chore on a Summer Morning,” Garland, TX
3rd   Beverly Stanislawski, “Poop Scoop,” Crown Point, IN

1st HM   Gail Vescovi, “Not in Kansas,” Oak Brook, IL
2nd HM   Becky Alexander, “A Conversation with Jack,” Cambridge, Ontario, Canada  
3rd HM   Von S. Bourland, “Having the Last Word,” Happy, TX

No. 3   FORMAL VERSE   Judge: Kathleen McClung

1st   Lee Pelham Cotton, “Jasper and Lloyd Go Over the Top,” Locust Hill, VA
2nd   Madelyn Eastlund, “From a Frayed Journal,” Beverly Hills, FL
3rd   Barbara Blanks, “The Absence,” Garland, TX

1st HM   Maureen Flannery, “Have You Noticed an Absence of Cacophony,” Evanston, IL
2nd HM   Caroline Johnson, “Ghazal for Brenda,” Willow Springs, IL
3rd HM   D. Beecher Smith II, “Ode to Aging,” Memphis, TN

No. 4   FREE VERSE   Judge: John Lehman

1st   Mardelle Fortier, “Bride in the Elevator,” Lisle, IL
2nd   Gail Denham, “If I Left for the Day After Tomorrow,” Sunriver, OR
3rd   Judith Tullis, “I Write Poetry Because…” Indian Head Park, IL

1st HM   Vera Ogden Bakker, “Inside these Walls,” West Bountiful, UT
2nd HM   Gail Vescovi, “pocket poem,” Oak Brook, IL
3rd HM   Sheila Elliott, “The Beauty in Disregarded Things,” Oak Park, IL

No. 5   SOCIAL CONSCIENCE   Judge: Rebecca Kanan

1st   Maureen Flannery, “The Dictator-General and the Never Born,” Evanston, IL
2nd   Curt Vevang, “Walk With Me,” Palatine, IL
3rd   Caroline Johnson, “Der Schrei,” Willow Springs, IL

1st HM   David Nekimken, “Color Me Black,” Chicago, IL
2nd HM   Donna Pucciani, “After the Fourth,” Wheaton, IL
3rd HM   Judith Tullis, “Mules,” Indian Head Park, IL

No. 6   MINIATURE POEM   Judge:  Linda Bamber

1st   Gay Guard-Chamberlin, “Suggestion for the Hall of Extinction,” Chicago, IL
2nd   John F. Foster, “Feeling,” Sun City Center, FL
3rd   Catherine Moran, “Of poodles and poems,” Little Rock, AR

1st HM   Gail Denham, “Drying Lard,” Sunriver, OR
2nd HM   Maureen Flannery, “Custody,” Evanston, IL
3rd HM     Mardelle Fortier, “Starry Night of Iceland,” Lisle, IL

No. 7   NATURE   Judge:  Patricia Eaton

1st   Wilda Morris, “More than Memories,” Bolingbrook, IL
2nd   Ellaraine Lockie, “On the Road After a Record Rain,” Sunnyvale, CA
3rd   Sharon Warner, “Oil and Water,” Chicago, IL

1st HM     David Nekimken, “Autumn Portrait,” Chicago, IL
2nd HM     Deborah Rohde, “At Peggy Notebeart Nature Museum,” Northbrook, IL
3rd HM     Caroline Johnson, “A Foreigner Encountering the Dawn for the First Time,” Willow Springs, IL

No. 8   MIDWEST THEME   Judge:  Alan Harris

1st   David Spencer, “Iowa Trilogy,” Lansing, IL
2nd   Maureen Flannery, “Night Crawler in Mid America Farm Country,” Evanston, IL
3rd   Wilda Morris, “Not April!” Bolingbrook, IL

1st HM   Donna Pucciani, “Snow Globe,” Wheaton, IL
2nd HM   Caroline Johnson, “The Birdwatcher,” Willow Springs, IL
3rd HM   David Nekimken, “A Lake in the Hills Morning,” Chicago, IL

No. 9   CHICAGO ART/ARCHITECTURE   Judge:  Catherine Moran

1st   Caroline Johnson, “Outsider Art,” Willow Springs, IL
2nd   Mardelle Fortier, “A Chicago Van Gogh: Bridge over Time,” Lisle, IL
3rd   Charlotte Digregorio, “Urban Pasture for the Divine Bovine,” Winnetka, IL

1st HM   Donna Pucciani, “Open Rehearsal,” Wheaton, IL
2nd HM   David Nekimken, “Mountain Climbing,” Chicago, IL
 3rd HM   Wilda Morris, “The Old Guitarist,” Bolingbrook, IL

No. 10   CHICAGO NEWS, POLITICS, HISTORY   Judge:  Jared Smith

1st   Maureen Flannery, “Last Native Speakers of Aramaic,” Evanston, IL
2nd   Judith Tullis, “How the World Changed in 1944,” Indian Head Park, IL
3rd   Caroline Johnson, “Nowruz in Chicago,” Willow Springs, IL

1st HM     Wilda Morris, “Oh, Rats!” Bolingbrook, IL
2nd HM     Curt Vevang, “Memories Enriched by Time,” Palatine, IL
3rd HM     Mardelle Fortier, “My Mafia Doctor: One Man Remembers,” Lisle, IL

No. 11 CHICAGOLAND WATER   Judge:  Larry Turner

1st   Deborah Rohde, “Enchantment on the Des Plaines River Trail,” Northbrook, IL
2nd   Susan Moss, ”Zen By Design At Lee Street Beach,” Evanston, IL
3rd   Caroline Johnson, “The I & M Journey,” Willow Springs, IL
1st HM   Curt Vevang, “The Lawrence Avenue Rocks,” Palatine, IL    
2nd HM   Judith Tullis, “Beach Mineralogy,” Indian Head Park, IL
3rd HM Wilda Morris, “Chicago: City on the Lake,” Bolingbrook, IL

No. 12 CHICAGO NEIGHBORHOODS    Judge:  Dalene Stull

1st   Raymond Ziemer, “I heard They Were Closing St. Casimir’s,” Warrenville, IL
2nd   Maureen Flannery, “Ways to Play in Rogers Park,” Evanston, IL
3rd   Judith Tullis, “The Fox,” Indian Head Park, IL

1st HM   Deborah Rohde, “On South Karlov Avenue,” Northbrook, IL
2nd HM   Mardelle Fortier, “Skid Row,” Lisle, IL
3rd HM   Curt Vevang, “I Didn’t Know How Bad I Had It,” Palatine, IL